Ryan Handt is a Brooklyn based photographer who grew up in and around New York City. In his youth, he spent the bulk of his time skateboarding. At 15 years old, he broke his leg and took to photography during the healing process. His father, sick of him sitting around, placed his father’s Nikon FE in Ryan’s hands and kicked him out of the house. After the doctors gave him the ok, he picked up his skateboard, but never put the camera down. He spent his formative years photographing his peers and the skateboard community, channeling Larry Clark without even knowing it. As a skateboarder, skate videos and culture were his influence, and the movie “Kids”,  directed by Larry Clark, was part of that impact.

Entering his college years, Ryan followed skateboarding to California and enrolled in Otis College. He planned to stay only long enough to entrench himself in the skate scene in Los Angeles, but found studying photography to have more pull on him than he anticipated. He spent 3 years in LA, two at Otis, followed by one at Santa Monica Community College, where he tried to figure out if California was right for him. In the end, he decided New York City was more his speed. Ryan moved back and finished up his studies at the School of Visual Arts. There, he found his artistic self, utilizing artificial light and recreating his street, documentary style in a more refined way, creating fictions that were a direct reflection of what was currently effecting his and his friends’ lives. It led him to shoot more portraiture and objects. 

After colleges, Ryan spent some time in ecom and retouching, while never putting the camera down. He started shooting motorcycles a few years after graduation, when he found himself on a motorcycle and falling in love with it like he did skateboarding. They say you should photograph that which holds your attention, so he did just that. While finding his way into the motorcycle culture, Ryan spent much of his time photographing product and objects for multiple outlets, creating an even deeper understanding of lighting. 

Currently, Ryan is known as one of the top motorcycle photographers in the scene and is plying his crafts to automobiles as well, while still photographing people as much as possible.

Ryan has worked with Mercedes, BMW Motorrad, Aston Martin, Indian Motorcycles, Hot Bike Magazine and more. He is currently working hard with the new electric motorcycle company, Tarform, which is creating an electric motorcycle. Ryan is an original part of the team. producing all the photography and video content for the brand, as well playing a part in concepting for the motorcycle.

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